Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beef Recall

The videos I've seen of the downer cattle in the most recent beef recall literally made me sick.

I love me some beef from time to time, and I have no moral dilemma hunting wild game; I'm a meat eater. So the rage I feel has nothing to do with the actual slaughtering of animals - it comes from the decency I expect of other human beings to treat their prey with dignity and compassion.

When I hunt dove, I always aim to kill (what hunter doesn't, I suppose?). There's nothing I hate more than having to put the bird out of its misery once I walk up on it. However, I've had to from time to time, and as much as I hate it, it's an act of kindness - why let it suffer?

But what these shit for brains did to these cattle, in my opinion, earns them an automatic one-way ticket to hell. And they should die by way of the way these cattle did - with pain, suffering, and pure misery.

Not to mention the fact that all that beef was wasted.

Maybe if we all lived a little more like Ted Nugent, this wouldn't even be an issue.


dutchgirl said...

It makes me sick too, I can't even bring myself to watch the video.

Your probably right about living like Ted Nugent, but only if I get to be a rock-god too ;)

Nicole said...

I feel very out-of-the-loop because I hadn't seen that video...that's so sad. I agree with everything you said...I'm definitely a meat-eater but I don't know how you can be human and treat animals like that. Ugh.

ABW said...

Pretty sick, I couldn't make it through the video.

To think that it got sent to schools makes me naseous.

Off to eat some veggies or something.

Rae said...

Ack. Not cool. By the way, I've just been reading back a few entries -- congrats on the new baby! I hope you're getting enough sleep to thoroughly enjoy these first few months! And great baby name too! Soo cute!
Thanks for stopping by the ol' bloggity-blog.

Guard Wife said...

I saw those videos on the news and it disturbed me A LOT. I'm a definite red meat girl, but I cannot imagine doing something like that & thinking it's okay.

Oh! And, we received your thank you card--very cute! You're welcome & enjoy!

Kasey said...

This video was so terrible. I could only watch a few seconds of it before I had to stop.

I grew up on a beef cattle farm and showed them for 10 years at the fair so this is very upsetting for me. I have never seen cattle treated so badly before.