Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm Tired

I'm here, but I'm tired.

Having Tucker around is the most amazing experience I could have hoped for; he is a great baby with a mellow disposition.

This week has been tough without Scout around, but luckily I've been in San Antonio with my dad and step mom - and they've been spoiling their grandson rotten! In fact, they've spoiled me too. As a "Congratulations on Becoming a Mother" gift, they bought me a David Yurman garnet ring (which is Tucker's birth stone).

Until Scout gets back, I anticipate blogging, answering the phone, and responding to emails less. So bear with me as I get into a routine and catch up on my sleep.

Love you all. Muah.


Allison said...

UNACCEPTABLE! I want minute-by-minute plays!!

I'm glad you have help! It's amazing how one little 'bologna' loaf can be so demanding!

OH, and don't forget the pictures! Love me some pics, yo.

Anonymous said...

erin --

so glad you were able to go where you could have some help. two of my grandaughters are january b'days so i have long loved the garnet i have several pieces and love the stone more than ruby. it's such a rich red. enjoy your mini vaca -- our package should be there when you get back.

love aunt penny

Anonymous said...

I just got myself a new puppy. So tell me, how often do ya have to let Tucker out to poop? :)


trying said...

Good luck with your new little one! His pictures are just adorable! Sooner or later you will find a routine... the key part of that usually being later!

Guard Wife said...

I'm glad things are going well...and, I've never met a new mom who isn't exhausted, so you're right on schedule. :)

Glad you have grandparents who are ready to hop in and start the spoiling of Tucker AND of you!

Still so exicted for you. :)

Anonymous said...

That boy is a keeper! Bring him back down here soon! Oh, and you and Mark should come too! lol


Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Call when you can. Give everyone hugs and kisses. Meghan and I can't wait!!!!

Love Mom

ABW said...

I'm glad you finally got out of the hospital!

Enjoy that precious boy, the time will go by too fast.