Wednesday, April 16, 2008

37 Days

Scout's been gone 37 days.

I'm doing a lot better emotionally than I did during his first deployment; I'm more productive, more cheerful, and much (MUCH) busier. But there are times, like this morning, that I realize how much I miss him.

In high school, Scout worked at Taco Bell. He perfected the art of rolling a burrito/soft taco so that one end was completely sealed. I have benefited from his extraordinary talent time and time again - every time we have Taco Night, I fill my soft shell taco and slide my plate across the counter to where he's standing. I watch in awe as he turns what could be a sloppy mess into a beautiful piece of delicious art. (And I always make a point of telling him how sexy I think his talent is.)

So this morning, as I looked at my open-face egg/cheese/ketchup burrito on the counter, I wanted to slide it to where he would usually stand - except that, as you all know - he wasn't there. I sucked it up and rolled it myself, but it wasn't as beautiful. And it made me miss him.

But hey, according to ABW, we only have 59 trash days left (down from 65). There is hope, my friends.

Oh, and how could I be sad for long, when I have a little monkey as cute as this:


Anonymous said...

baby i hated working at taco bell but i miss you too and i almost cried when i saw that fat lil boy i miss you guys so much thanks baby girl for all the stuff you are doing and to whoever reads i am the luckiest man on this earth she is the best wife mother and best friend anyone could ask for thanks baby and to everyone who is sending stuff and writing thank you especially big dick thanks for the letter i enjoyed reading it needed a good laugh
i love you babe

Anonymous said...

I know he's safe tonight Erin.

He came by for a quick visit.

Stay safe Scout. I hope you got my letter.


Anonymous said...

I'm here for you Erin. That's a sad story. He'll be rolling those tortillas for you again. And look at Mr. Tucker. What a cutie pie. He sure looks grown up. Can't wait till June.

Love, Mom