Tuesday, April 15, 2008


For those of you who send care packages to Scout, he's in serious need of baby wipes. Apparently where they're at, they get showers about once every two weeks (mmm...bet that smells good!). I, of course, have tons of baby wipes, but I'm sure with all of the other guys in need of some, the package I sent won't last long. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to send him packages - it takes a huge load off my back.

And if you weren't on the email list that I sent out with Scout's address and would like to send him a letter, please email me at erinrages@yahoo.com.

Pictures will follow as soon as I have sufficiently studied for a test I have to take on Saturday for my teacher certification.


trying said...

good luck studying!

Anonymous said...

In addition to baby wipes, I recommend the hanging air fresheners for their vehicles. I sent some to Gunner his first deployment when they couldn't get one of the guys on his tank to shower regularly. I mostly sent them as a joke, but from what I recall they were actually used :)