Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Since Thursday, I have succeeded in the following:

1) Drove to Louisiana, with a screaming baby and a neurotic dog, to pick up Scout Jr.

2) Shared a hotel room with my husband's ex-wife's mother, Scout Jr, Tucker, and the neurotic dog. And it was actually quite pleasant.

3) Drove to San Antonio (from Louisiana) to visit the parents, with Scout Jr, Tucker, and neurotic dog.

4) Took my dad and Scout Jr to the shooting range for Father's Day:

5) Woke up at 5am yesterday, drove to Austin, dropped off the neurotic dog to be spayed. Found things to keep a nine-year old and an infant busy all day; McDonald's for breakfast, my favorite thrift store, the state capital, downtown Austin, and a Duck Tour (it was 101 degrees yesterday - and sitting on plastic seats for 75 minutes on a bus with no AC makes your butt sweat - AWESOME).

6) Showed up at 4:30 pm to pick up the neurotic dog and they refused to let us pick her up until five. Waited until 5:15 and left with the dog, a screaming baby, and a tired but optimistic nine-year old. Showed up for Austin traffic, got through it about 7:15. Went to McDonald's a second time (terrible, I know), got dinner and headed back home, then realizing we forgot our drinks at the drive-thru and had to turn around. Huge mess.

7) Got home at eight with a tired crew. We survived the almost three hour drive (Austin to Killeen is usually about an hour).

It's good to be home. Now I have to study for an upcoming exam, get some schoolwork done, quit smoking (again), start Weight Watchers (again) and continue to entertain two children. :)


surgpa said...

Well, at least we got to go to the shooting range. Your picture shooting the Desert Eagle reminds me of Dirty Harry....does that make you Dirty Erin???
Glad you made it home in one piece.


Shanez said...

Looks like you had one heck of a trip :0) The boys and I went to the zoo last week and I got a couple of pics that I would love to e-mail to you. My email is dsslade@gmail. Shoot me an e-mail and I will get the pics to you.

Vonn** said...

You ROCK!! I love independent adventurous military wives!

That's the kind of trip I love. Hectic, messy and ever so memorable.