Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things

My poolside baby in sun glasses:

Bribery ("If you get the tub sparkling, we'll go swimming today." Ha. Maybe I am an evil stepmother):

Family pictures:

Do I look like a teacher? I hope so. Not that looking like a teacher will land me a job or make me successful at that job, but I have an interview for a teaching position on Monday. And considering that I've prepared my brain as much as I can up until this point, all I can think about is my outfit and grooming. I guess that means I'll have to shave - there's no way on earth I'd leave the house with nylons on in this Texas heat (not that I've ever been a fan of those nasty things anyway).

I'm at the point in the deployment (almost four months in) where I'm looking for things to be excited about. It's gotten old pretty quickly, and I have had more than enough loneliness to contend with. But then I remember that I'm the one that has it easy - Scout's the one out fighting the bad guys and saving little children and crazy heroic stuff that you don't really hear enough about on the news. So I tell myself, "There's no time for a pity party, Erin. Stop being an asshole and get on with it."

So that's it in a very small nutshell. We've been extremely busy. And it won't stop any time soon (we still have a quilt to make, belugas to swim with, and cooking and CSI classes to take before July 18th when Scout Jr goes home).


surgpa said...

Keep up the great work! I'm always amazed at your ability to multitask. Good luck on the job interview..I know you'll blow them away.


Shanez said...

Knock 'em dead Erin!! You will do great. I love the beach pic...:0)

Only $19.95 said...

You look beautiful!

sharona said...

I can't beleive how big Tucker is getting! And, as long as you follow up with the pool after the tub is sparkling, you're not evil.

trying said...

the pictures are adorable! I love the sunglass one.

I'm sure you will do great with your interviews. If it makes you feel any better I went on one once and totally forgot what the question was that they asked and I had to ask if they could repeat it so that I could stop rambling. I didnt get the job.

hang in there!

SgtSudsWife said...

I enjoyed reading this post tonight.I am missing my soldier and after reading this I decided I need to stop being an asshole and get on with it LOL.Thanks!

Your not an evil stepmom.It is a perfectly reasonable compromise.
The children are adorable.I just love that little guys hair.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.Good luck at your new job!