Monday, July 14, 2008


I about freaked out today when I found a new piece for my Dish-With-Recipe collection (at Goodwill, for $5.99 - awesome). It's from 1983 (really, who doesn't love the 80s?), and is still beautiful and lovely. It joins the apple pie, macaroni and cheese, and taco salad dishes that I've acquired. And I love it:

Just for fun - Tucker talking to his daddy. And yes, he is always this happy when he talks to Scout:

After obtaining a blogger crush on this girl, I've started embroidering. Not that I have time to embroider. But I have the tea towels, four books with iron on patterns, and the delusion that I will have time to make everyone's Christmas presents by, well, Christmas. Yeah.

Last but certainly not least - I met one of my favorite bloggers yesterday for dinner in San Antonio. My children were squirmy, the food was so-so, but the company was amazing. I could have talked to her for sixteen more hours if I didn't have to make the three hour drive home. She has a warm smile and the ability to make me feel comfortable (don't you love people like that?). She doesn't seem shocked by much, has a great laugh, and she seems to just get me. I'm sure anyone watching us from another table would have guessed that we had been friends since childhood. And she even paid for dinner (which of course gives me the excuse to hang out with her again - so I can return the favor). So thanks, AlliCadem, for a wonderful evening. :)


Cindy said...

I love it!! What a find

Shanez said...

How cool is that? :)