Monday, September 22, 2008

Down at the River

Scout's wish was to go camping while he was home, so we went to the North Llano river near Junction. It was fun to see him and Tucker doing boy things together.

Swimming in the river:

Drinking beer:

And feeding the fish (Scout calls it "fishing"):


Vypergirl said...

That river looks awesome. Those are great pics too. Tucker is getting so big!!!

sharona said...

My first thought on the picture of them in the river was "awww, how cute!" and it looks so nice & cool. My second thought was "shouldn't that child have a life vest on!?!?" But that's just the paranoid freak in me coming out. Looks like they had a great time! And litte Tucker is getting so big!

The Mrs. said...

He's so big! Soon he'll be walking and then the fun REALLY starts! muhwahhahhaha!

sharona said...

I know you're busy but...I miss you! Please come back (at least once in awhile!)