Saturday, January 17, 2009


In my efforts to organize my unorganizable house today, I came across a blank disc that I don't remember ever seeing. When I popped it into my computer, I was pleasantly surprised to see grainy, disposable camera photos of our wedding.

We just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this month. It's kind of fun to look back and see photos of friends we barely talk to, and to see the hope and the joy in my face. I still remember thinking how I knew Scout and I would get through anything together. And I was right.

One of my best friends, Beth, and my little sis, Meg. Eating Quiznos?:

I loved the centerpieces. Hated the planning of mundane details (in fact, I seriously bailed out of the planning in the last month. I waved my hands about and said, "Mom! I can't take it anymore!" You choose!"), but I loved how most of it turned out:

Loved my bouquet too:

My bridal party, morning of. They were such good sports:

Meg, again. With our dad, who has a surprisingly mysterious look on his face. I'm sure I don't have to add that this was the morning of the wedding, before either one of them got ready. Duh:

Scroll down for more. Blogger wouldn't let me upload all the pictures in one post.

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Only $19.95 said...

Are you on Facebook? I just posted pictures.... I'm glad to see you're making an attempt to blog. :)

Love you!