Sunday, February 01, 2009

Two Weeks

I found out about four weeks ago that Scout would be coming home a few weeks earlier than planned. This was in addition to the three month reduction from 15 months to 12 months that was ordered after he had deployed. We won't be joining the We Survived 15 Month Deployment Club. Hell, we haven't even joined the We Survived the 12 Month Deployment Club (he was gone for nine months the first time, and it will be 11 months this time). And you know what? I'm ok with that.

Now that his homecoming is so close (amazing how it still feels so far away), I've started counting down in ways that I'm sure many military spouses can relate to:

  • I only have to watch two more episodes of The Bachelor alone (then Scout will be forced to sit and watch with me).
  • I only have two more trash days to lug out our huge-ass garbage can to the street, around the four million cars we have parked in our driveway. Don't ask.
  • I will only spend one more weekend cleaning feverishly by myself (Scout is the King of Cleaning. Not only does he rock at it, but he likes it. Sorry, ladies).
  • Ten more days of school. About the time I start tryouts for seventh/eighth grade tennis, he will be here.
  • Ten more days of dealing with my stupid-ass daycare by myself. I really should have blogged about all the bullshit I've had to deal with because of them (quickly: one time recently, they called me in a panic saying Tucker was "gushing" blood internally from his ear and that I should rush over and take him to the emergency room. When I arrived at the ER and had a chance to inspect his ear, it was a self-inflicted scratch - and he was not "gushing" blood. Oh, and there's the time that they called me because he had a rash and needed to be picked up. I got a substitute, headed to daycare, and they called me while I was still driving over there to say, "Oh, never mind. The rash is going away." Two examples in a bag full of why I really should find someone else to watch him. You know, because I have so much time to locate, inspect, interview, and background check someone else).
  • I should have two more chemo caps finished for my Aunt.
  • My bottle of Herbal Essences 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner should be gone. This one is weird, but true. Every time I get in the shower and use some of it, I think, "We're one dollop closer to the end of the deployment!"
We're on the home stretch.


dutchgirl said...

I can totally relate to the shampoo, in case you didn't already know I was odd ;) I tend to measure things in terms of usage of stuff.

I'm so glad and excited for you!

SgtSudsWife said...

I totally understand your methods of counting down. I can't wait to start counting down. I also hope we can join you in the" we didn't survive 15 months" club. So far though no rumors on it ending sooner then planned.

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Prochein Amy said...

I like the last one best.

Abbey said...


The Mrs. said...

I love doing the weird countdown to when he comes home! i love when the milk or the cheese will expire AFTER he's back. Its the little things in life...

AFSister said...

I'm so happy for all of you. That is SO AWESOME!!!

Cindy said...

Time to post!!!!! He's home!!! Your readers want to know.

Kelly said...

I miss you babe, I am so glad that Scout has finally made it home. I hate that your 2008 sucked but I know that 2009 will be so much better for you now that your family is back together. I hope that I talk to you soon. Hugs and kisses to everyone!