Saturday, May 02, 2009

"No! Don't put the egg on your nuts!"

One thing (in a list of many) I never could have imagined I would say. Before children, there is no reason to say such things.

Ever since Easter, Tucker has been Ob-Sessed with those plastic eggs that come apart. He could (and does) play with them for hours. He yells into them, sucks on them, bangs them against any surface he can find, slides on top of them over the tile floor, and puts things inside of them (not including body parts, up until today).

So while I was changing his diaper, he was holding an egg that he had already separated. Right as I slid off his wet diaper, he cupped both parts of the eggs on his boy parts.

And that's when it came out: "No! Don't put the egg on your nuts!" After I said that, I wondered if I was the only person in history who may have uttered those words.

But on the other hand, maybe not, if your son shares the same fascination with his own penis and plastic Easter eggs.

I'm curious to know what kinds of things you other mothers have said over the years that sound ridiculous and may need explanation. :)


Kiki said...

Oh you're going to get so many fun google searches after this one :)

Abbey said...

hahaha, Carter loves those eggs too! He's never but one on his nuts though! :)

Vypergirl said...

I can't say I have ever heard of this one!! LOL That was pretty good though!

Cindy said...

Oh Tucker give your mother things to blog about. Too funny. I don't have anything I said to you and your sister that I can remember but my father saw me being kissed at the door once. He said, "You shouldn't be kissing boys that way." Okay...why??? You know...I never did get an explanation. That goes right along with..."No you can't go" why?? "'s not because I don't trust you" Yeah, ok whatever.

Anonymous said...

Fabul-O was fascinated with ye olde ta-tas and, in an instant, her hand would dive down my shirt and she'd say, "mommy's got big boobies. I gots little ones. Daddy's are medium." This would happen no matter where we were. So, we had to have the talk about how it's not polite to feel people's boobies and definitely not okay to point out the size. Hubs chimes in with his biddage about boobies being a grown up playground. I scowled, scoffed and expressed my displeasure with that statement in front of her.
About a month later, I was on the playground at school picking her up and was talking about not liking the playground because her shoes were always full of sand. She chimes in with, "My daddy likes the playground." Her teacher asked, "What is his favorite thing to play on?" Fabul-O chimed in with, "Mommy's boobies."

So, while it's not the same as no eggs on your nuts, I thought I'd throw mine out there.

Only $19.95 said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious!!! And I can totally hear you say that, too!

~ Denise ~ said...

I was rofl at your post but then when I read potandkettle's! What a great laugh. ;) Thanks!