Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dog Bed Question

Recently, my dog bed idea was featured (well, "featured" makes it sound much more important than it is - but I don't know what other word to use for it) on Design*Sponge, an awesome website that has very creative before and after projects.

Another Design*Sponge reader, Autumn, asked how I got the TV out of the actual box. I'm glad you asked, Autumn! (Good thing I took pictures of it!) It is very simple, really.

First, you take the back off with a screw driver. Watch out; mine was pretty nasty inside! The one I rescued smelled like fried chicken when I opened it (maybe they had that for dinner a lot? Hmmm).

Here's the back:

And after removal:

Then, gather a curious baby, a sexy man (preferably with tattoos), and a pair of wire cutters.

Just start snipping (or have a sexy, tattooed man do the snipping). The nice thing is that you don't have to worry about cutting the wrong wire or doing ANYTHING wrong at this point. (Remember, it's just a dog bed!)

To take the actual television out, you will probably need some help (it is quite heavy). Unscrew the screws that are holding it in place and pull it out!

You will also notice that what used to frame the TV (and be used to switch channels) is separately screwed in. Remove those screws and pull the frame out.

And there you go! The easy part is done! Now pick out some fun colored paint and some pretty fabric and go to town (by the way, a king size pillow fit perfectly in the box, which we had laying around the house; no need to sew a fancy cushion - unless you want to).


Only $19.95 said...

You guys are so f**king adorable!!! Look at Tucker's face!!! I miss you~

Autumn said...

Sorry I didn't respond earlier--thanks so much for posting all of this!! I'm not a dog owner but I'd love to have this as a puppet theater or something else rad. THANKS again!