Saturday, June 06, 2009

Teachers I will miss

This is me with a two good friends; a great history teacher and an awesome art teacher. They are great girls whom I will miss dearly. We were mocking all the kids that were taking pictures that day. I kept telling the students, "Put your hands down! You look like tourists at Disney Land!"

This is a guy I am lucky to know and call a friend. You could ask him anything about U.S. History and he would know the answer, and then he could tell you everything else about it that you'd never find in a textbook. He always fascinated me when he spoke about the early years of our nation; I could sit and listen to him speak about it forever. He's also someone I always felt very safe around. Man, I'll miss him too.

It would take me forever to upload all the pictures I want and say all the things I could about my first year teaching. I'm glad it's over, but there are good memories and good people whom I will never forget.

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