Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving is a Pain in my Ass

I've come to terms with moving. I'd even say I'm happy about moving. But it's still a pain in my ass.

We were supposed to fly to Seattle for my niece's birthday last night. We were planning on shipping some dogs to my mom's and sister's to lessen the stress of moving with SIX of them. Thunderstorms hit Dallas and the flight got canceled. We're leaving tonight.

Problem is, it's supposed to be 101 degrees today (it's supposed to feel like 109 degrees). We can't ship the three dogs when it's over 85 degrees.

My assumption is that it will only get hotter over the next few weeks, and shipping the dogs will become even less likely. Hooray.

By the way: I had prepared all of the kennels, which meant cleaning them out - we bought them at Goodwill, and they needed a good cleaning. Put fresh towels in them, put "Live Animal" stickers on, attached food/water instructions. Filled up water containers that look like they belong in a gerbil cage. Took dogs in for vaccines and health certificates. Loaded dogs in kennels. Loaded kennels in truck. Drove to airport. Unloaded dogs. Lifted and stacked kennels on tiny carts. Got "Look at the Crazy People" stares from strangers. Stacked suitcases, a purse, an ACU backpack, a Nike backpack, and Tucker onto tiny carts. Stumbled into airport. Found out flight is canceled. Stumbled back out of airport. Unstacked and reloaded dogs into truck. Drove home. Dogs thought, "What the hell was that all about?"

So here's my plan. My mom and Scout think I'm a lunatic.

1) Forget about flying the dogs (and then arranging to pick them up when we find and buy a house in Colorado).

2) Buy a trailer, pack up our crap, and live in said trailer (very temporarily) until we find a house. (I've been wanting an Airstream - isn't it awesome?)

3) Live Happily Ever After.

There are a few benefits to this dream of mine. 1) We won't have to ship the dogs. 2) We won't have to worry about finding a hotel room - particularly with six dogs. 3) We can stay for cheap in an RV park. 4) We LOVE camping! 5) I'm trying really hard to come up with more; my husband isn't convinced yet.

We're going to look at the trailer today, although I don't think Scout will go for it.

I think it sounds adventurous and crazy. And that's the way I like things.

What do you think?


sharona said...

holy bajezus woman, you are insane! Not that that's a bad thing...
It's definately an adventure waiting to happen. It could be fun unless it drags on for too long. Good luck!

ABW said...

What the heck, sounds like a good time! I can imagine you madly sewing curtains for the windows, the dogs hanging out the windows, and Tucker running up and down the middle of it. Good times!!!

You're so creative Erin, that you could make it work and be quite the adventure! If it gets too bad, you can come shower at my place, although who the heck knows where that will be! Heck, we might have to be at the campsite next to you!

The Mrs. said...

Well to each their own. I must say, love my husband as much as I do, and really I love him a whole lot, I would shoot myself if we had to live in a trailer together. He's an ansy guy and would drive me nuts. But i say that as a loving wife. However if does sound like it solves a lot of your problems and you sound like you have the right attitude for it. And by the way, this would make you the perfect woman in my husband's eyes.

~ Denise ~ said...

omg, Erin - I totally relate and I am only dealing with 2 mini schnauzers! lol ;)

Continental will ship them in air-controlled cargo for about $260 EACH!!! aaghh...why couldn't I have thought about the weather issue sooner? sheesh!

good luck on convincing Scout. ;)

~ Denise ~ said...

just an flying my dogs on American ... it's only $150 coast-to-coast. ;)

dutchgirl said...

You know, that doesn't sound that bad to me at all! Although I don't know if I would buy one, they rent RVs... I don't know what kind of pet policy they would have,though.

I would really worry about flying my boys in weather like that and driving with them and doing the hotel thing is never fun. Now I'm really curious if you managed to talk Scout into it!