Friday, October 09, 2009



1. My handsome, strong, hard-working husband (sleeping off his 24-hour duty that ended this morning at nine).
2. My joyful, curious (currently sick) son, who loves cuddling with his daddy.
3. The hand-stitched quilt my Aunt Maxie finished the year I was born. I have memories of this quilt as a child, laying in my mom and dad's bed, running my fingers along the pattern, pretending they were country roads.
4. My beautiful pillowcases, which I got for mere pennies at a thrift store.
5. And my Ralph Lauren pillows that I got on a really good sale at Macy's for $8.50. I don't care what you say; brand matters when it comes to pillows - and these are heavenly.

What are you grateful for today?


The Mrs. said...

Easy- I'm grateful for the sweet little boy who is curled up on my chest right this minute. And I'm grateful for my very inquisitive 4 year old and for my ball of laughter almost 3 year old.

I'm also VERY grateful for bedtime. VERY VERY grateful for it.

thanks for the email, I havent forgotten!

Abbey said...

Wonderful picture! I am grateful for my amazing husband and my crazy 2year old. I can't imagine not having Carter around to keep me laughing.

ABW said...

always have a lot to be grateful for:

My kids
My family
Tylenol and motrin to help Junior out
For Sammy, I didn't know what I was missing out on
For Gunner who somehow always knows what I need and when. Too bad he doesn't have that 6th sense during deployment.

How's Tucker doing?

Oh, and the Mrs., after being cooped up in the house all day I am ready for bedtime too.

debey said...

I am grateful, for my life, my loving family, and family of friends, and laughter!

Trudy said...

Tonight, I'm cooking a meatloaf and potatoes to bring to our church for the COTS program. It helps homeless individuals and families get back on their feet, to, hopefully, get a place to live.

So.....I'm very grateful for my home, where the great smells are coming from my oven and my hubby, napping and snoring loudly from the recliner.

It's also chilly enough here that I'm grateful for the fleecy, knotted blanket my daughter made for cozy and warm.

surgpa said...

for two beautiful daughters who turned out to be amazing women.


Only $19.95 said...

I am grateful.
My daughter is wonderful and helpful, smart and proactive. She's the biggest helper, EVER, from anything from kissing a boo-boo to taking out poopy diapers without being asked. She wants to learn -- definitely grateful for that!
My Twins make me laugh every day. I am grateful for their endless energy and happiness. They definitely look at the cup full and point me in the right direction. Especially if it's running over onto the floor -"Da? Da? Daaaaa."
My cat is an asshole, but I am grateful for his ability to communicate.
And, never to be outdone, my husband. He's such a good care taker of all of us. I love when I am tired, like now, and he'll get up and take good care of multiple kiddos. I can get Julia out the door for school, but he'll let me go back to sleep (when I don't have to work) and do *dude time* with the boys....
My dog ain't so bad either. She has great sniffers and cleans the leftovers.... I am grateful.

I am grateful that my friends don't need me to call back. Even when I want to.

I am very grateful..... And I miss you.