Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Opinions Wanted

This is the house we closed on nearly two years ago. Some of you may be able to attest from this picture that the yard has come a VERY long way. There's still a lot to be done, but grass isn't on my mind today. It's the paint.

First I must say how much the garage door has nagged at me. Why is it brown? Doesn't it make the house look uneven? (Don't even get me started on the Infant Poop color of the actual house. I'm dealing with it.) And did the previous owners lack my OCD Garage Door Must Match the Shutters Disorder? So it's settled. The garage door and the shutters will soon match.

More specifically, though, I'm painting the front door. Here's where I need some input. Scout has learned over the years to "go with it", whether that means a paint color, my design ideas, or a furniture redo. So my questions to him regarding this decision have been met with, "Whatever you want to do, babe."

What I want to do is paint the front door a light aqua-ish color to make the Infant Poop look more like Sand. I'm confident with this step of the project.

But what do I do with the numbers? Pizza delivery drivers love them. People arriving at my house for the first time love them. I love them - I think they are modern-cottage-y. But I've gotten mixed reviews. More than one person has said, "I don't get it." Here's why it's so important: We're putting the house on the market at the end of summer.

I don't want buyers to immediately dismiss our house for a small thing like house numbers. So, do I paint the door, leaving the numbers on as a stencil to peel off later and reveal the white underneath? Or do I take the numbers off, paint the door, and put up more traditional numbers?
Decisions, decisions. (Please, tell me what YOU would do.)


Abbey said...

Unfortunately, if your changes are for the purpose of selling, then you need to go blah. I love your numbers, they're "Erin" but they may not be the next people, white or blue. I also say paint the garage door white & leave the front door white. Boring I know, but you don't want to lose out on a sale because of the color of the front door. (We have a red door on a light green house & we get mixed comments. We love it, others don't.) Good luck!

sharona said...

I agree with Abbey. Too bad for those itchin to paint a front door... But, you can plan for your next home!

Erin said...

I thought about leaving the door white only after I blogged. You ladies beat me to it. :) I do think the numbers need to come down (boo) and the door needs to stay the way it is (boo again). Thanks for confirming my gut feeling! :)

Mare said...

Sorry to come in late on the discussion but yeah. What you guys said. Far too large of a purchase to put off people by being your awesome creative self.

Mare said...

P.S. You should market those suckers as decals and I can show then around to all the foofy interior design places here in the city. I am soooo sick of looking at brushed aluminum house numbers. Your idea is much much cooler.

Erin said...

Mare, I actually bought the decals on etsy...A lot of other people have already capitalized on these bad boys. I WISH I actually came up with this idea! :)

Mare said...

Well, I haven't seen them anywhwere here in Philly. Not even in the Gayborhood, which means Philly doesn't know about them :)