Sunday, May 14, 2006


To great moms everywhere (especially mine):

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Check out this HA-larious Mother's Day clip via The Girl.


Cindy said...

Thanks Erin....I love you too. Hey..I couldn't get the link to open.

Erin said...

Ok mom, try it now...It is hysterical! I think I've watched it 12 times today.

Nancy said...

That is sooo our family. Michael hates to have family pictures taken on holidays. Jack gets mad at him and is scowling in every picture. Sarah looks like she's about to cry, Brian is very cooperative, and I look like, "Why, me, Lord? Is it too much to ask to have one lousy picture taken?" I'm definitely going to have to show that to Michael!

Vonn** said...

Oh my goodness! Add one more guy and you have my brothers. That was hilarious!