Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today, in the midst of all the good things going on in my life, I remember some people I love tormented by today's date.

I originally met them through this post. After their hospitality and kindness on our trip to South Dakota, I knew they would be lifelong friends. These people are salt of the earth types, people that would do anything for the people they love. And their son died serving this country.

Today, Debey and Doug, I remember your son and the good life he lived. I remember you, the parents who raised him to be a man worthy of wearing the uniform of a United States soldier.

If you feel so inclined, please go see them and leave an encouraging comment.

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debey said...

Derar Erin, Scout &!!I wanna spell that kids name with 2 k's and no 'c'!!!Thank you, my friend, for your phone call, this morning, thanks for remembering....but mostly, thanks, for LISTENING....not an easy job, (and many others) have a special place, in our hearts, and we are Blessed, to know you.