Monday, June 02, 2008


I published my first post at SpouseBUZZ today. I just about threw up in my mouth as I clicked on "Submit."

In the latest Kansas saga (it's always something), she might be knocked up. I use that term because it's not a happy event; the last thing the world needs is more puppies (if you have any doubts, visit your local animal shelter).

She's in heat. And like a good dog owner, I have every intention of getting her spayed. I have it on a list of 1,743 other things I need to get done. Apparently, I should have put it at the top of the list before she went into heat.

I have a fence all the way around my backyard. But when I looked outside on Sunday morning, I saw the neighbor's male dog in our yard. Oh, damn. Apparently, male dogs will do whatever it takes to reach a female dog in heat.

I went over there to tell them to come get their dog, but no one answered the door. I had to leave the house for the 5k, so I convinced myself that if he wasn't neutered, they would have already mated.

When I got back from the marathon, the dog was gone. So I trotted over to the neighbor's house to make sure they got him back. When I nonchalantly asked if he was neutered, she said no ("But he's old. I don't think he could mate," she told me. Oh yeah? If he's so damn old, how the hell did he jump the fence?). ARGH.

So a trip to the vet's office for a canine version of the morning-after pill just frustrated me more. Apparently, my mom was lying and there is no such thing. So to get her fixed? $278. Absolutely ridiculous. Needless to say, I'll be shopping around. I think I have the most expensive vet in the state of Texas.


Sis B said...

I took my cat to the Belton Animal Clinic. They were wonderful and I think they were pretty reasonably priced. I don't know about spay/neuter, though. I did that while I was still in NC. Here's the website for them:

Good luck! (Oh, and your Spousebuzz post was great and I would have commented there earlier but I didn't have time then. I think I would have been just as pissy if somebody did that when I'm obviously standing there with my screaming child and need to get the heck out. My husband and I are constantly complaining to one another about the HORRIBLE customer service in this area.)

Marilyn Sue said...

Sheesh! I thought the military had cheap vet service. My ex-military neighbor drives all over hell and gone to the base to save on vet service. I thought it was free even.

Your vet is definately pricey. My $$$ vet is less than half that. The longer you wait, if your dog is due, the more it will cost and the more difficult it becomes, but not at this stage.

Spouse Buzz you did was excellent! You are a very good writer. And further, the correct answer by the customer and the cashier should have been an apology. Next time your "excuse me" does not work, just go right to the manager. Part of the clerk's job is to know who is next. And it is so satisfying to get someone that rude written up! :)

Nicole said...

Yeah, it really blew my mind how expensive spading was--over $350 for Lucy--for the procedure, anesthesia, and pain medicine. Of course, that was nothing compared to the $750 we just recently paid for surgery to remove a large fatty tumor from near her neck artery. Aye maye!

Anonymous said...

Houston Humane Society........$45.00 for a male.....females may be more, but not $300! Check w/ Humane society or SPCA. Most will cost less than that. My sweet little Oskar was done at the Humane society and now sports a nice little tattoo next to his winkie for all to know he isn not longer a "he"...he is an "it"!!!

Krista (ABW's childhood friend)

Anonymous said...

Your mother didn't lie!!!!! It really happened when we lived in Everett. Our dog Sandy got out one night while in hear and got knocked up. The vet said to bring her in. The whole mess caused a false pregnancy.

wifeunit said...

We had that problem with our dog. The SPCA wasn't accepting dogs for spay/neuter appointments and calling around wasn't finding us anything reasonable.

MD had some program where you pay sixty dollars and that coupon was accepted at certain vets. Not sure if TX is one of the states that does this.

I had the same feeling. Only I clicked submit and looked at it and was like Why did I write so damn much? Couldn't I have shortened it? But when the baby says it is time to step away from the computer, he means it. For realz.

Vonn** said...

Your first post was great! The stress deployment brings out all sorts of things. My bad habits being the largest part of my problems...

keep the posts coming...great job!