Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Remember When I Said,

"...unless another child drops from the sky like Tucker seemed to..."?

Well, it seems as if a child is dropping from the sky. We're just waiting to catch him.

I don't want to get into too many details, seeing as we haven't made arrangements to pick him up yet, but we're potentially becoming parents again before we knew it would even be possible. That's how it happened with Tucker, and that's the best, I think.

I had an appointment with a fertility doctor yesterday and cancelled it. Maybe part of it was fear. But mostly it was because I'm going to be a mommy again and I want to save all my excitement for this child.

He's nine months old - I guess I can divulge that much. We're so excited.

There's some financial stuff we need to figure out (it always comes down to money, no?). It's a combination of me making one-quarter what I was making last year and draining a majority of what used to be a beefy savings to move and buy our house. Money isn't flowing in like it used to, and there isn't much money saved to cover the adoption expenses.

My mom has graciously offered me the money for the upfront adoption expenses (thanks, mom!) but I'm doing what I can not to have to do that. It's time to get creative.

You might notice that on the right sidebar, there are some things for sale on My Etsy. Everything that I sell will directly go into an account that pays for our adoption lawyer. Right now, there isn't much listed, but I'll be using the days off from school to add as much as I can. If you love something on there and want to own it, you should feel good knowing that the money will go to (what I think is) a good cause.

Like I said, we're excited! I hope to have pictures of our new addition to the family later this week.


Mandy said...

I just happened upon your blog again after loosing it for awhile. This post got me so excited! Matt & I are actually just starting the process of foster to adoption. What was the story about Tucker- I'm afraid I haven't talked to you in so long (10 years?), I don't even know the story there. Would love to hear more!

sharona said...

wow. What a Christmas present! I have fingers crossed that all works as it should and you have your new little one soon!!

Abbey said...

Amazing news! I hope it all works out for you guys! Can't wait to meet (i.e. see pictures!) the new little one! :)