Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Wait

We've all seen Haiti on the news lately. Damn shame.

There was a story that caught my eye in the local news last night, in the midst of the super-over-the-top coverage that all media seems to indulge in during natural disasters. There was a Colorado Springs couple in the middle of an adoption with two beautiful kids from Haiti. They are trying to get their boys faster now that the earthquake has hit, rather than wait an additional six months.

At any rate, I looked up the website of the orphanage they were adopting from: God's Littlest Angels. I was immediately captivated by the beauty in those children. And my heart wants them all to come home with me.

With a $12,500 adoption price tag per child (not to mention travel), it's the least expensive set of adoption expenses I've seen. Although private adoption is always cheaper (at least in my experience), there aren't many people knocking on my door asking me to take their babies (there are, however, crackheads and Johns knocking on my door. Go figure).

I laid in bed last night thinking about how we could swing an adoption from Haiti. The upcoming deployment always throws a wrench in things. I make about $0.73 per week (ha). We don't have much room right now for extra kiddos. I found myself getting anxious about my heart's desires. And then I heard, or maybe sensed, "Just wait."

I'm not exactly sure where it came from, but I immediately felt at peace. We will have more children. I'm not sure how, but I'm positive that there are more children meant for us. And I'll know it straight down to the marrow of my bones when it's right. Maybe they'll be from Haiti (maybe not). Maybe I'll carry them naturally (maybe not).

Not knowing right now is alright with me.


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Unknown said...

Have all comes in good time.

Swear'n Mommy said...

I know you will too, in God's timing. I had to learn this year that it's not my place to change his plan... it's a difficult thing to do, but well worth the wait. Have patience, He will work out His plans, and they will be better than you ever imagined! Praying for you!